Zipper Repair Kit - #4.5 YKK Coil Automatic Lock Jacket Sliders - Color: Black - Choose Your Quantity - Made in The United States


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      • Zipper Repair Kit. #4.5 YKK Coil Automatic Lock Sliders.
      • Zipper Repair Solution For Jackets, Apparel, & Craft Projects.
      • Do It Yourself: Remove The Old Top Zipper Stop. Pliers Can Be Used.
      • 2) Remove The Old Slider. 3) Compare and Measure The Old Slider and Match It With A Slider From The Repair Kit. 4) Put The New slider On. 5) Use Pliers To Press Zipper Stop Back Onto Zipper.
      • Choose Your Quantity
      • Fits YKK #4.5 Coil Chain. Made In The United States.