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YKK #5 High Visibility Vislon Nomex Separating Zipper 36"


36" YKK High Visibility NFPA Compliant Zipper

Separating Zippers

Our new line of High Visibility zippers are made in the USA and designed for use with ANSI 107/ISEA compliant vests, pants, sweatshirts and outerwear. This product also meets the following requirements: NFPA 1971, 1975, 1977, 1951, 1999, 2112 and 70 ECGSB 155.1, 155.20 and 155.22. Nonconductive with a PAZ slider, this product is half the weight of metal zippers. YKK High Visibility Vislon Nomex Zipper is appropriate as an exposed component for PPE that can be classified as HRC 1 or 2 in accordance with NFPA 70E Applications (Turnout, Wildfire, Flame Resistant Workwear). (Item Number: 0075444 VSHROL-56 DA E 5/8 NMX-HV).