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TIME TESTED – The Original Zipper Rescue Kit, created in 1993, began a legacy of do-it-yourself zipper repair, which we are proud to continue today. We provide you with parts and knowledge at an affordable price while you learn a new, life-long skill.
WHY ZIPPERS BREAK– Most zippers fail because the slider (small part that slides up and down) wears out, falls off, or breaks. If the zipper is not missing teeth or mangled, simply replace the slider and you’re all set!
KIT SPECIFICATIONS – The Moto Kit allows for repairs on worn-out or broken sliders on medium to heavy metal tooth zippers, and medium to heavy plastic tooth (Vislon) zippers. What happens when you’re on a trip and your favorite jacket zipper breaks? With our Zipper Rescue Kit you can fix it on the spot and get back to the open road.
MANUFACTURED IN USA – Products assembled in Portland, OR, USA. Parts manufactured in USA & Japan.
Parts Included:
1x – 10 Metal Tooth Slider – Gold
1x – 8 Metal Tooth Slider – Antique Brass
1x – 7 Metal Tooth Slider – Antique Brass
1x – 10 Metal Tooth – Antique Brass
2x – 5 Metal Tooth Sliders – Antique Brass
1x – 8 Plastic Tooth Slider – Black
2x – 5 Plastic Tooth Slider – Black
6x – Bottom Stops – Black and Gold
9x – Top Stops – Black and Gold
Please Note:
– Missing or visibly damaged teeth on zippers cannot be repaired.
– Does not repair “box and pin” mechanism at the bottom of jacket zippers. Unfortunately, this part cannot be repaired if it is missing or damaged. We have tried many times and do not want to waste your time or give false hopes.
– If your size is not included with this kit, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


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