Zipperstop in the Media



Eddie Feibusch, Pres. of, explains why the zipper is one of the most important inventions of all time.

Zipperstop CNN


CNN’s Richard Quest looks at how WWI gave the zipper its first market, and meets a man who has spent over 70 years selling them.

For Eddie Feibusch, a Life in Zippers: A very interesting NY Times article about the 75-year history of Zipperstop.

CBS Zipperstop interview with Eddie and Jeff Feibusch. Zipperstop operates, a world class website featuring the most extensive assortment of YKK zippers available on the web.

Take a listen to the Patriot Made Podcast as they interview ZipperStop!



Business owners Eddie and Susie Feibusch describe how New York’s once booming garment industry is now rapidly shrinking due to outsourcing.

A brief history of the evolution of zippers, featuring Zipperstop!

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